Bringing the farm
back into the feast

Food unites us. It is the gateway to understanding the land, to nature conservation and to place. It connects us, excites us, nourishes us. Yet in the modern world, with an increasingly urban population, many people are disconnected from the origins of their food, perplexed by food fads, labels and manufacturing. Farm for Feast welcomes people onto real farms. Not just any farms, the best farms in England. Showcasing sustainable agriculture in its most organic, honest sense.

Farm for Feast collaborates with pioneers and experts who grow, forage, butcher and prepare exceptional produce, who are committed to sharing their knowledge. Access to farms and good quality food is a right not a privilege. Our chargeable days support our charitable days, that bring less fortunate young people, and families from urban areas to enjoy our events.

Our upcoming events

Dates to be announced

  • Wild about Game
  • Farm for Feast Family Day
  • Wild about Beef
  • Wild about Lamb
  • Wild about Mushrooms
  • Wild about Grains
  • Wild about Plants